Promoting positive Mental Health, Well-being and Recovery  in the community

West Clare Mental Health Association (WCMHA) promotes positive mental health, wellbeing  and recovery in the Community

Our mission

We aim to promote positive mental health and well-being for all individuals in our community and to support people with lived experience of mental health difficulties on their recovery journey through peer-led engagement and activities and to provide support for their families and friends.

Our vision

Is for everyone in our community to recognise and value mental health as an important part of their own wellbeing  and  anyone who experiences mental health difficulties can recover, achieve mental well-being and reach their full potential within an informed and supportive community.

West Clare Mental Health Association is an affiliate of Mental Health Ireland. Mental Health Ireland is a registered charity number 20008642 / CHY 5594

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it’s good to talk….

Tell someone how you are feeling or what you are thinking
Ask someone for advice or support
Let People help you, don’t ever be ashamed or embarrassed
Know you really do matter and you will get through this

Together we can turn the tide on Suicide

For information & support contact us now or find us on Facebook